Thursday, November 20, 2014

POP QUIZ .. it's like high school all over

Do you all remember those survey's from high school?  Perhaps I'm dating myself here .. I will be turning the big 4 - 0 next week.  *vomit in mouth* .. seriously turning 30 was so much easier.

I digress.

The awesomely talented Kimberly at Healthy Strides tagged me in a post and I am most happy to oblige!  I'm generally NOT a cool kid but this week I felt a tiny bit cool.  Thanks Kimberly!

Four names that people call me, other than my real name





Four jobs I have had

Project Manager

Bartender  (I make a mean margarita!)

Collections Rep

Accounting Dept. Manager at a Termite and Pest Control company!

Four movies I've watched more than once

"Love Actually"

"Easy A"  .. I just love Emma Stone.  And all the 80's movies references .. melt my heart.

"Grease"  .. Who didn't know the words to all the songs and sing along like they were Sandy??

"Pretty Woman"  .. I mean c'mon who doesn't remember, "Big mistake .. HUGE .."

Four books I'd recommend

"Kite Runner"

"Memoirs of a Geisha" .. just awesome.

"Lean In"  .. I'm actually not even 100% finished but I'm LOVING the messages in this book.

Guilty Pleasure:  Black Dagger Brotherhood Series .. sexy vampires?  Yes please.  DON'T JUDGE

Four places I have lived

England .. born there.  Bet you didn't know that!

Los Angeles, CA  .. grew up there and it still holds a big chunk of my heart.

Sandy, UT

West Jordan, UT  .. but I don't drink the kool aid as one would say here.

Four places I have been

Paris, France



New York

Four things I don't eat



Fish .. cooked .. raw .. it's all just disgusting

artichokes .. unless chopped really tiny and mixed with spinach and LOTS of cream cheese .. because doesn't cream cheese make everything better??

Four of my favorite foods

Cafe Rio / Costa Vida Sweet Pork Salad .. come visit me and I'll take you there.  Your world will be rocked.

Sweet Potato fries

Cafe Zupas, Wisconsin Cauliflower soup .. so good.

Haagen Dazs, Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream .. Cold Stones Peanut Butter Perfection is a close second!

Four TV shows that I watch

Nashville .. I don't love country music but I LOVE this show

Chicago Fire  .. I don't know why but I've always loved fireman shows or emergency shows

Parenthood .. this should be at the top of my list.  I'm SICK that it's been cancelled, it's brilliant!

Vampire Diaries .. back to that guilty pleasure category .. the men are just gorgeous to look at.

Four things I am looking forward to this year (I'm thinking 2015)

No more child support to my husbands oldest son .. RAISE!!

Phoenix Marathon .. I need some redemption

We will be debt free come summer (except for our house)

Planning some sort of family vacation .. we're due.

Four things I'm always saying

"It is what it is."  I'm a big believer in accepting and moving on.

"Be quiet!!!"  .. usually yelled at one of my 3 boys.  They are just so loud!

"Please .. please .. just DO YOUR HOMEWORK."

"I am so worn out."

Four People I tag



Kim  .. it's been awhile

hello fancy pants  .. not sure if you read but just in case

and any other possible reader that might be out there .. join the fun!


Thanks Kimberly for making me feel cool this week!

Do you have kids?

Do you fight with them over homework EVERY night?

     -  Please someone share a trick with me!  Homework is going to be the death of me.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Tips for squeezing it in.


Are you too busy to work out?

How many times do you hear people say, I just don't have the time?

We all get the same number of hours in a day.  Every single one of us.  As with all things in life it comes down to what you choose to make a priority and what you choose to put on the back burner.  I'm not one of those runners who will go on and on about how much I love love love running.  Nope.  Because I don't know that I really do love running.  I started after I had my 4th and LAST baby.  I wasn't a track runner in high school.  Like so many other bloggers out there.


I started really running in my thirties!

I would say the reason I still run, now almost 4 years later is because it's a habit.  I do value having this healthy habit in my life.  Setting an example to my children that it's important to take care of your body.  That as a wife/mother/ and full time employed outside the home woman I still value the importance of taking care of myself.

I have F O U R children.

 One of those four children is disabled and a total handful.  Some days it takes all my patience.  There is nothing special about special needs.  Sorry, I'm saying it.  And I know many will condemn.  I cannot count the number of times I've been told that III am special.  Because III was chosen.

Alas, I still choose to make time for exercise.  So here are my tips on how to make it work:

1.  Plan.  Plan. And plan again.  Plan your meals.  I plan dinners for the entire week the week before. Not only does it make having the right ingredients on hand a snap.  But it takes the decision out of dinner.  So many benefits come with this one.  We eat healthier.  I plan around busy nights.  Some nights I PLAN to have a Lean Cuisine for dinner.  Throw some veggies in the steamer and dinner is ready with no prep work in 30 minutes.

2.  Plan.  Plan.  And Plan again.  Plan your workouts.  Write them down.  Know when you'll do them.  And then the night before you're planning by packing your bag.  By planning that on Tuesday and Thursday I want to go to Barbell class then I know to plan my meal around getting home at 7:15pm.  I know to pack running clothes for work AND capri's for Barbell class.  Because who (other than my husband) wants to see me bend over doing deadlifts in my running shorts?

3.  Get creative.  I run usually 3 days per week during my lunch hour.  Yes, this means that I have to eat at my desk which they say is so terrible for you. But the terrible part about eating at your desk is that you're distracted and eat more. But if you've PLANNED (see #1) your lunch then you're already portioned out and don't have to worry about overeating.  It's not always fun to run at lunch.  But it's how I get creative at squeezing it in.  I don't shower after, I use baby wipes.  Some people might think it's gross.  Whatever.  Nobody has ever told me I stink.  Biggest downside to this is my hair.  Up do.  All the time.

And don't be afraid to squeeze a walk in or a jog while getting outside with your kids.  I don't intentionally go out to run with my kids.  No jogger here.  BUT, I have been out with them before and wished I had my running shoes so that I could job next to them.  It's been a missed opportunity in the past, and I try to make sure it's not repeated.  I walk laps while my son is at soccer practice.  Baylee (my daughter) will walk some laps too.  And I don't feel obligated to walk them together with her.  She gets her work out in and I get mine.  Plus I'll drag my dog along too.

4.  Find a buddy.  I don't run with a buddy much anymore.  But I used to have a weekend running buddy and it kept me MUCH more accountable. I miss running with her and our Sunday morning chats.  This is my biggest challenge currently.  I'm pretty introverted, so I'm not big on running groups.  But for lots of people this works out well.  And I happen to know that my Lifetime Fitness where I live welcomes non-members to run club.  So maybe that's an option where you are.

5.  Always be signed up for a race.  This one may not be popular with everyone.  But it comes back to the whole accountability factor.  If I'm signed up for a race .. I mean committed .. I've paid my money!  Because I don't get free race entries.  Then I'm more likely to not "waste my money" and not train.

6.  Get. Over. The. Mommy. Guilt.  Seriously.  Get over it.  You and your kids are better off if you get your run in.  Again, this comes from someone that is not a self proclaimed obsessed runner.  But I do admit that if I need to get a run in and I'm having a hard time squeezing it in and I don't want to not check off that box on my training plan.  I start to get grumpy.

I like to check boxes off.  What can I say?

7.  Bike Commute to work.  So this isn't running specific.  But I got an UP band and for awhile I was obsessed with getting my 10,000 steps in.  40 minute commute to work a couple times a week really helped!  And I LOVED commuting to work on my bike. I loved knowing I was reducing my carbon footprint as well.

Best money ever spent.

8.  It is NOT the Dreadmill.  I love my treadmill.  Sometimes (often times these days) the only weeknight TV I get is while running on the treadmill.  I love plugging my headphones in my ears and just running while indulging in a little Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime Video.  Love.  Vampire Diaries anyone?  We have a treadmill at work and it's so convenient.  Plus in the summer when it's 100+ degrees outside, I don't have to go out and melt.  Great excuse to hop on the mill.

9.  Make it a date.  As I mentioned I dearly miss running with my best girl friend. But since then my husband and I have spent many a Saturday morning or day off starting with a long run.  We still want to get out and explore some local trails before it's too late.

10.  Multitask.  I will be getting a spin bike for my birthday in a couple weeks.  Jeramie already knows that the bike is going in our living room.  Is he thrilled?  Nope.  But I know it will get used if it's upstairs, rather than in my basement.  I can't wait!  Spin while bonding with my husband on the couch over some Walking Dead?  Yes please.

That's it.  That's actually a pretty good list there.  All of which I can personally attest to.  I never said that finding time was easy.  And it isn't always convenient.  But if you choose to make it a priority then the time is there to be found.


What ways have you gotten creative to find time for exercise?

Netflix / Hulu / Amazon Prime Video .. what's your poison?

What shows are you loving right now?
          -  I'm gorging on Vampire Diaries and Sons of Anarchy.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Five Things Friday

Happy Friday people!  I am so ready for the weekend.  I feel like I haven't seen my kiddos all week.  I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with them.  Can you even believe that school goes back NEXT MONTH??  That just makes my heart break a little.

1.  I went to see this movie last night.  I had read the book. I knew it was sad.  But good LORDY watching it play out over the big screen was gut wrenching!  I'm not always a huge fan of watching movies made of books that I've already read, I often find myself bored.  This movie was adapted well though.  Even if the actors were brother and sister (Divergent) now becoming lovers .. weird? .. maybe a bit!  Good stuff though .. just make sure you take a big big box of tissues.

2.  I have tried desperately to get back on track with my eating.  So I've been eating turkey sandwiches and veggies all week.  (well for lunch anyway)  I was doing really well until #1 (movie last night), when I ended up devouring a philly cheesesteak sandwich at the theater.  It was SO good.  And now today I haven't been able to get a FreeBirds pork quesadilla out of my head.  I swear once you bring back in the really good tasting food then turkey sandwiches and veggies just don't sound that good anymore!

3.  It's been over 100 degrees here some days this week and this happened to my furnace.  That's ICE!  It stopped working and my house was 85+ degrees.  It sucked.  However, it only cost $134 to fix and the house is cold again.  I'm calling that a WIN since it could have been worse!

4.  Oh and this guy.  My baby.  He gets a bloody nose and I actually think he was proud of it.  Love him.

5.  This ranks in the top of my favorite race pictures.  I feel like I look heavy, especially across the shoulders and arms.  But setting that aside I love it.  I'd just finished my first Ragnar leg last month.  I was tired but I'd worked hard and looking at the picture that's what my face says.  I just love it.


What are you all doing this weekend?  Leave me a little comment love!

          -  I'll be spending some time in the sun at the lake.  Hopefully I don't drink too many margaritas!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Salt Lake Half Marathon, Recap.

I debate about whether just to shut this silly little blog down but I just can't bring myself to do it.  I like having my race recaps and training to look back on.  I have run the Salt Lake Half Marathon every year since I started running 3+ years ago.  I like that it's a course through my home town.  This race in particular starts at my Alma Mater which always feels kind of cool.  Since we were in the middle of marathon training we had a 20 miler on tap for the day.  It was really attractive to just run the extra 7 after we finished the race but we did that once last year and it kind of sucked.  The cool thing about this race is that there is no busing.  You can take TRAX to the start from multiple locations for free.  So we decided to park at the finish and then run our way UP to the start line. Once we got to the start the plan was to run out and back for another 4 miles. Then run the race.

That was the plan ...

Well we got there in plenty of time.  We parked right next to the start line for free!  Which isn't always possible in down town Salt Lake.  But the run to the starting line was seriously straight up hill the whole way.  That probably wasn't the best idea right before a half marathon.  It was kind of fun though because they also have a bike tour and so we saw tons of cyclists heading to their starting line to start before the runners.  Once we got up there it was obvious that the out and back for four miles wasn't going to work.  There were no sidewalks up there.  There was however a totally empty beautiful track!!!  So that's what we did.  Ended up needing another 4.5 miles before the race to get us to 20.  We were the only ones on there for quite some time.  It was so relaxing not having to worry about rushing to get ready for the race.  We had plenty of time.  After a while there were a lot of people that joined us on the track .. we kind of felt like little trend setters out there.

We watched the sun rise over the mountains beside us.

My selfie.  I just thought this was cool.

We finished our first 7 feeling good.
Ready to run another 13.1

The course was different than last year.  Pretty much every year I've run this (3 in a row now) they've changed the course a LOT.  This year there was quite a bit of uphill sections. But since we weren't running it for time it really wasn't a big deal.  I liked that they tried to take us on a bit of a tour of Salt Lake.  That made it fun.  We ran with Jeramie's friend, it was his first half in quite awhile.  With about 4 miles left, which is when things get hard for me is when I split off from the boys and forged ahead some on my own.  I was feeling really good!  Which surprised me.  It was starting to get warm at this point. When I had about 2 miles left my IT band started to hurt quite a bit.  I had started running in some Altra's and around the same time started to have some IT band issues that I haven't had since I started running three years ago.  I'm super bummed about that and also SUPER worried about how this will play out at my marathon in a month.


I walked a bit during those last 2 miles and tried to suck it up some.  It was a bit of a fight but I finished feeling good about my time and really proud that I pulled through on a total of 20.

Salt Lake Half is the ONLY one in Utah I believe to have finish line beer.
I'm not a big Miller Lite fan .. but that beer tasted wonderful.

Love running races with the hubs.

My only dislike of this race is that the t-shirts are some of the lamest.


Do you like running hometown races?

Do you indulge in the finish line beers?  If not, do you at least give your beer ticket to someone else?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Has it really been almost an entire year?

Well .. here I sit.  I can't believe my last blog post was almost a year ago.  I love love love reading other bloggers and yet when it comes to my own, I think who wants to know what I'm thinking?

Alas, here I am again.  Hopefully this isn't the last you'll hear from me for awhile.  My goal, at least once per week.  I can do this.

Looking back at 2013.  It was a big year for me. 

I ran my first marathon!!!  

My thoughts:  It was hard.

Then I accidentally ran my second marathon!!!

My thoughts:  I thought it would feel easier.  It didn't.  It was still REALLY hard.

So I guess that means marathons are HARD and not for sissies.

This was me about 9 miles in, hitting the downhill part of the course.
Feeling GOOD!

And then I hit the 20's and shit got HARD.
I am SOOO grateful for my husband who jumped in with me around mile 19.

 My moment.
I became a marathoner.

That was Utah Valley Marathon.  I think it's probably the best shape I've ever been in in my entire life.  I was down to my lowest weight of my adult life, without really feeling hugely deprived. I was just committed to the healthy lifestyle.  Then I went on a week long trip to Mexico (WITHOUT kids) and then we spent a week in California with the kids and things just kind of fell apart after that.

I digress .. so when I say I accidentally ran a second marathon, let me explain.  St. George Marathon is kind of known as the coveted marathon in the state of Utah.  You have to get in via lottery however.  After two tries you're guaranteed entry on your third try.  Well I entered my husband and myself just to get one of our "tries" out of the way. And wouldn't you know we got in.  I can honestly say I was disappointed.  Training for a marathon during the really hot months of Utah was not on my list of things to do.

As you can see.  This one didn't feel any easier.

And I ran it slower.  Thinking that that might make me feel a little better towards the end.  Yeah, I was wrong.

I really should have done true race recaps on them both.  However, I'm starting fresh with the blog and that's what you're getting for now.  So 4:21 is the time to beat in 2014.  We (Jerm and I) entered another lottery for the Ogden Marathon .. and got in!  But I actually kind of did want to get into this one.  My goal, is to come in under 4:15.  Running my marathons in 2013 my goal was simply to finish them.  This time around I'll be adding speed work to the training.  So we're running for a time goal.

I just sat down and wrote my January training into my Erin Condren Life Planner.  And I'll be honest, I kind of want to cry a little.  I know it's going to be hard work this time.  I'm going to push myself harder than I have in quite awhile.  Push my work/home/run balance more than I have since this time last year.  But I thrive with goals.  I know this.  I'm hungry for this goal. 

I guess among other things I should really think through some tangible 2014 goals.  I don't love the term "resolution".  I like goals!

What about you.....

Have you run a full marathon?  More than one?  Does it get easier?  (please tell me it does)

Do you like resolutions or goals?  Do you have any for 2014 yet? 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekly Review - Week 1

So since I'm actively trying to lose weight using Weight Watchers and as of today I have officially begun my FULL MARATHON training, I've decided that Monday's I will hold myself accountable.  The healthy weight range for my height is 120 - 150lbs.  My goal weight is 135 lbs. 

Beginning Weight  ~  146.5 lbs
Ending Weight  ~  142.5 lbs

I lost 4 pounds this week!!
12.5 lbs to go.

Things that went well:  I was really strict this week with my eating. It was week 1 of Weight Watchers and I stuck with the things that have worked well for me in the past.  Breakfast all weekdays was a protein shake with added fruit.  Lunches were a tuna fish sandwich, and 1 cup of soup (a Light Progresso variety).  Dinners were heaving on the vegetables and then some sort of protein.  Oh .. and I'd have a giant apple for  a snack and also usually a Chobani yogurt as well.  I plan to follow much of the same plan this week as well.

Things that didn't go so well:  It was my nieces birthday yesterday and I ate a piece of ice cream cake.  It was SO good.  I figure that I made up for it a little bit with my ability to not eat my entire piece of chicken parmesan that we had for dinner. My mum makes a MEAN chicken parmesan and I really wanted to finish eating it. 

Meal Plan for this week:

Monday - Lean Cuisene and veggies
Tuesday - Lean Cuisene and salad
Wednesday - Dinner at Mum's (she's doing WW too so I'm sure it will be WW friendly)
Thursday - Veggie Tacos
Friday - Grilled Chicken breast and veggies
Saturday - Weight Watcher Meatloaf (I LOVE this recipe)
Sunday - Dinner at Mum's  (again she'll do something WW friendly)


 Today's Workout:

Plan:  Run 3m Easy.
Actual:  3.1m  Average pace: 10:42

I really had to work for that pace today.  Look at what I was running in:

Solid snow pack the entire time today.  And it was 9 degree's outside!!  The one piece of gear that saves me the most during these super cold and snowy runs is my trail running shoes that have the waterproof upper on them.  They are AWESOME.  They feel like bricks on my feet compared to my normal shoes but they keep my feet dry and cozy so I'm not complaining.

I was bundled up good.  I think this is the shortest run I've done in months.  For my full marathon I took a Hal Higdon plan and added a couple extra weeks to it to accommodate any potential injuries I have to take time off for.  Also gives me a couple 20 milers rather than just one.

All in all I'm excited to be off to a good start.  With the weight loss as well as the start of my training plan.


Give me your best tip or trick for a first time marathoner!!??

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Still here .. still running

I'm not sure what the deal is with Blogger. I tried to blog last weekend as well only to find that I couldn't upload picture then either.  So I figured out the whole Picasa web albums in the meantime.

I haven't blogged in ages.  But I have still been running.  A lot actually.

Speaking of a lot.  It's been snowing A LOT here in Salt Lake City as well.  Last Winter I think I lucked out because it was pretty mild. I  prided myself on not missing a run because of any silly rain or snow.  So far this year I've skipped one long run completely because of a nasty snow storm.  It's ironic really because I would be more than willing to run in a few inches of fresh snow if it's only for say six miles.  But when it's for a double digit run I just can't do it.  The thought of soaking wet feet for over two hours is just too much.  It sure is beautiful though.

I did run in that above, only for six miles.  It was so peaceful.

Oh, it hasn't just been snowy .. we've also had single digits for like two weeks.  However, the temp doesn't deter me at all.

For two days straight it's been snowing again.  I planned to run 12 miles this morning.  There was no way I was going to slog through 12 miles in several inches of fresh snow. 

Off the the gym I went instead.  It wasn't a good start.  I went with my Kindle Fire in hand with the plan to watch a movie.  I figured that would consume a lot of my running time.  I don't know what the heck was going on, whether it was my Kindle or the wireless connection at the gym but I could not connect to their network to save my life.  The first 5 miles just plain sucked.  What's funny is I trained for my first 5k solely on the treadmill but since then I've really been a 100% outdoor runner with the exception of speed work.  I prefer to do intervals on the treadmill just so I know I'm hitting my paces.  Now the treadmill feels a million times harder than running outside.  This actually leads me to believe I should do this more often to help build some mental toughness.

I basically spent the first 5 miles feeling really angry and irritable because of the technical issues.  I settled into a slow (for me) 11:15 pace.  It felt hard and dreadful.  The treadmill hit the automatic cool down after 55 minutes (it had one of those 60 min max settings on it).  So I refilled my water and decided to get situated with my iPod tuned into the radio station so that I could watch their TV's.  Once I settled in and could get my Kindle to turn back on I also started reading as well.  Ha .. well you know .. not at the same time.  That helped and the next 5 miles kind of flew by.  I had to tough through the last 2 miles but I did it.

It's kind of funny when you're been running on the treadmill for that long and reading a book, once you get off it's like stepping off a cruise ship.  It feels funny to walk.  All in all I'm really happy to have had the mental toughness to run that many miles on the treadmill.  I'm very grateful that I have that option when it's this yucky outside.

Workout:  12 miles  (2:20 mins)

I'm also doing Weight Watchers right now.  I've had a really good week thus far.  When I plugged my workout into my tracker it spit out that I had earned 24 activity points!  I only get 26 points a day.  That means I basically earned a days worth of points .. I just found that funny.  I won't eat those points, I never do.  I'm really trying to find the balance with WW's and running.  I have been very low energy with my runs this week .. another post for another day.

Happy Treadmill Running Friends!!


Have you done double digits on the "dreadmill"?  What did you do to break the monotony of it?

Several inches of fresh snow .. do you run in it anyway?